About our pricing

Item range and price from 50 AED to 2000 AED with an average cost of 205 AED per piece. With more than 100 brands and endless styles at our finger tips. We’ll always find something special for you, no matter your Budget.

Personalized Pricing

Tell us the ideal amount you want to spend in each clothing category and your personal stylist will send you items within your budget.

One Styling Fee

A 49 AED styling fee will be charged. We will redeem 49 AED towards anything you buy.

Try Before You Buy
Order on demand or choose our automatic shipping. Try on everything from the comfort of your home, keep what you love and return the rest.

Free Shipping Always

Free and easy shipping, exchanges & returns. Simply drop the included prepaid label into the mailbox.

What you’ll pay and when

The Styling fee is the only charge, which you will see before the shipment arrive. There is no obligation to buy and no subscription cost. Here is how the process works…

You Schedule a Box Delivery

Tell us what you’d like to get in your Box. You wouldn’t be charged anything yet.

Our Styling Fee Gets to work

Once we start styling you, you’ll be charged 49 AED as styling fee.  We will redeem 49 AED towards anything you buy.

Get your Delivery and Buy what you want
Try everything on & check out online to buy what you want to keep. Enjoy 20% off, if you keep the entire box.

Free Shipping Returns and Exchanges

Shipping, returns and exchange are easy and free.

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