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What is Modista ?

Modista is a fashion tech start-up offering online personal styling service that delivers a curated box of products directly to customers across the MENA region. Modista handpicks products for each customer to ultimately help them look and feel their true best staying in line with the current trends. Over time, Modista gains experience from each customer’s preferences, likes and dislikes making Modista the only fashion destination using the art of personal styling and Artificial Intelligence

How does it work ?

1- First step will be completing your Style Profile, this will help your stylist to know more about you and what fits you best and it will not take more than 5 - 8 Minutes 2- Pick a date to receive your surprise box, you can schedule your prefered time and day to receive your box and once your stylist starts her selection, a 49 AED or 99 SAR styling fees will be deducted as a credit toward anything you keep 3- Try it all at the comfort of your home, we would love you to try all the items sent to you by your personal stylist, you would never know what might look good ! 4- Keep what you liked and send back the rest, you have three days to make your decision on what you want to keep and what you want to send back, and you will be charged only for the items you decided to keep and the styling fee will automatically applies as a credit towards your final purchase, and ofcourse if you keep full box 15% off will be applied. To complete your payment you need to login in to your profile ( Web|App ) and select “ keep” or “return” and then schedule a pick-up time and date to collect the box 5- Get to know you better with time, your feedback matters and will tell us a great deal about your style, whether you keep or return we would appreciate your thoughts on each items, so your stylist will get it right later on

How much does it cost ?

We can personalize items to your budget, our items range from 75 AED - 1500+ AED, when you fill out your style profile, you can tell us how much you’re willing to spend on each item. And your stylist will work on that

Who can sign-up for Modista?

We are currently styling women 18 years and above and soon we will start Men, we will keep you posted !

Can I talk to my Stylist?

Once you complete your Style Profile, your stylist will contact you to get more details and know you better

Why should I work with a Stylist?

The stylists are here to help you discover new styles, understand your own style and body better, give you expert fashion advice and save you time

What to expect

What can I expect in my mystery box ?

In each box, you will find 6 to 10 items tailored to your needs and style. You may keep what you like and return the items you don’t like and only pay for the items that you kept

What brands can I expect to receive ?

We carry variety of brands and we are growing and evolving, so you can expect to see more and more each and every time


When will I be charged ?

Once your stylist confirms your needs and start preparing your box, AED 49 or SAR 99 styling fee will be deducted and applied as credit to your final purchase, once we receive your returned items, we will charge you for the items you kept and of course delivery and collection are free

Why do I have to pay for the styling fees ?

The styling fees will be credited to your final purchase, only if you have decided to return the full box, the styling fees will be non refundable.

Scheduling and Deliveries

How long does it take to receive my Modista ?

The styling process takes 5 working days in UAE , 7 working days in KSA

To where do you deliver ?

For now we only deliver to UAE and soon will cover the GCC and Middle East

How often can I receive my Modista?

You can choose the frequency of which you want to receive your Modista، every 2-3 weeks, every month, every other month, or every three months. We can send you regular orders without any extra effort from you. Just sign up for automatic deliveries.

Why do you need my Credit Card?

We require a valid credit card on file in order to style your box and ship it


How can I return my box ?

You can login to your account and schedule a pick up at your preferable time and our guys will pick it up

Can I wear the clothes and then return them?

You can try the items at home. If any of the items were worn or tag removed will be charged to your account.

What if I checked an item as keep and I want to return it ?

Don't worry, we check your return box at our headquarters and make sure that you don’t get charged for items you didn’t keep

Style Profile

Where do I find my size?

You can find the size chart when you fill out your style profile, and according to your height, weight and body shape, your stylist will determine what size fits your better, that’s why your stylist might send you a different size than what you included in your style profile...Plz dont worry we just want to send you what’s better

What sizes do you style ?

We style from XS - XXL and maternity as well, soon we will have plus sizes

Do you style petite sizing?

Now we offer sizes XS - XXL and we are working with our list of brands to get a wide range of petite sizes.

Do you style Plus sizing?

Now we offer sizes XS - XXL and we are working with our list of brands to get a wide range of plus sizes.

Do you style maternity items?

Yes, we have maternity items and maternity- friendly items. You can share your due date with your stylist, so that she can send you the right outfits

Can I request specific pieces?

You can always add and edit style looks on your account, and we recommend that you let your stylist know what are you looking for? Rather than specific items, for example instead of specific dress tell her that you prefer maxi casual dresses, then your stylist will use this information to pick the most suitable pieces

What if I liked items but size is wrong ?

Well, your stylist will do her best to send you the right sizes, and if you got some items you liked and the fitting wasn’t right, simple you can tell your stylist so she send you new box with the right sizes once this box is returned

Gift cards

How do I purchase a gift card?

You can purchase a gift card Here ( link to the web ) attach pic sample from Modistabox It will be the most amazing, thoughtful personalized gift ever !

How do I redeem my gift card ?

Redeem your gift card here ( link to web ) you will have to sign in to your account, if you are not a client yet, please sign up

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